Equipment and setup

This page aims to document the various tools I use for streaming and recording speedruns and other gameplay footage. A lot of my hardware is not the best quality (or directly suited for my purposes), but upgrading usually takes time as there are several elements involved in the "signal flow" of any given setup. As I test out more hardware and software, this page will either have more information added to it or become more incomplete; time will tell. (I did update this page in September 2023 but accidentally overwrote it with the previous version a week later so until I feel like updating it again it's still the version from early 2023.)


These are the consoles that I own, and relevant accessories/mods:

Video solutions

These are the methods I use to capture/process video footage from consoles:

I don't have my own external monitor at the moment, so I have simply used whatever HD TV is already incorporated into my living space at the time. These kinds of TVs add a noticeable amount of delay from processing(???) the video, even in "game" mode, so they can't be taken very seriously for my purposes. While it is not a big problem to adjust for most kinds of games, including platformers, there are some that suffer especially in a competitive context. Rhythm Tengoku for the GBA (using GBI for GameCube) is a good way to see how well your TV really is suited for anything requiring good syncing or reaction time, using either the rhythm test mode or just trying to play any of the minigames.



The computer I use is a bootcamped Macbook Pro 2019 (I think), gifted to me for unrelated purposes. I allocated 256 GiB to the Windows partition, and I use two different generic USB hubs to connect most devices, including an old wired mouse, one 32GB SanDisk flash drive where I store most portable apps, and a 1TB Seagate SSD which I use for VOD storage. 99% of the time I only have access to the built-in monitor, but because it is already quite large (and uses high DPI) I can make do. I haven't had any need to upgrade to a better PC, although I will say this is objectively not suitable as a gaming computer.



The only method I have ever used for video capturing that I can recommend is OBS. I have used a wide range of settings in the past but for now I am happy with streaming at 720p 60fps with a target bitrate of 5Mbps. I have also used the streamlabs app for Android, and it does work, but it is very clunky and very focused on monetization.

Below is a list of addons I have used with OBS:

Here are some other tools I have used in streams and recordings:


I use LiveSplit for any live speedrun timing on PC. In addition to the large variety of included functionality, I also have expanded its capabilities with some community-developed components:

For the two mobile games I have speedrun, I used "Floating Speedrun Timer" (Play Store link). I also used "FramePerfect Speedrun Timer" (website) for running a game on console without access to a computer, although it is a freemium app that locks some useful features behind a paywall and I additionally couldn't get the integration to work.

Also of note are and, two comparable split analysis websites. has permeated the speedrunning community and is integrated into several sites and applications, with the only downside being that it locks more advanced features behind a subscription service. seems to be a free alternative to (although there is still an option to support the service), with one advantage being that there is a LiveSplit component (listed above) that syncs your splits automatically with the site.


Only the emulators I have used frequently for speedrunning purposes are listed here.